Thursday, May 6, 2010

Jump off things.

Our society is a bit safe. The only people I see ever test the lines of safety are people who are stupid. Youtube is filled with people who set themselves on fire and angulate their arms falling off rocks they should have been tethered to. This is not what I mean by our society is safe; we have a recklessness about us that sends quite a ferw people to the ER with their last words being " hey, watch this!"

But we need adventure--we are made for it. Perhaps the reason people die doing stupid things is because our bored and apathetic society is not giving them that adventure. Well, the idea for today is not an adventure. It's more just unique entertainment. In fact, some might think it a bit stupid. I will say this: it is as stupid as you make it. Here's the skinny:

Step 1: go to

Step II. look for matresses (matri?) on there.

Step Three: round up friends (one with a truck), a camera, and go around places taking pictures doing stunts and jumping off exciting things in exciting places.

Be weary of how exciting the place is. Don't be stupid. Don't get arrested...or dead. And don't tell them it was my idea.

The Secret Spot.

Sometimes, in our super modern extra-explored world, we forget that just because someone else has discovered something doesn't mean it's not fulfilling for you to discover it yourself. We also assume that just because no one goes somewhere--or it's not a tourist trap--that there couldn't be possibly anything worth looking for in that set of woods just beyond the town. I disagree.

If you find yourself with a lack of something to do, too much to do that's neither enjoyable or fulfilling, or you lack money to do what you may have planned, consider exploring. You can do this either alone--as a sort of retreat--or with someone else. But go off and look in the crevices of your town and find a secret spot to be alone at or to take the closest of friends. This activity is 100% free and, depending on how diligent you are and what you find, it's also rewarding.

A spot I found overlooking my small town in Colorado: Manitou Springs.

What to do with no money.

Boredom is the most inexcusable word I know of--when someone says they are bored I hear them say that they are themselves boring . Deep down I think they lack creativity or need a nudge in the right direction. This blog is an attempt at a nudge.

Why now? We live in an age that lacks individual creativity. We subcontract it out to artists, producers, musicians, etcetera etcetera. We passively watch movies,play games, and listen to music; many people die with unsung songs and a fire inside which was never let out. This is a shame.

Why free? Because we live in an economy that demands it and there are no excuses when things are free. If someone says they are bored, but has no money, I feel like they are like someone who complains of a messy room and has no many to have it cleaned.

What for? For redemption and recycle; investment and nourishment; growth and maturity. There are video games that can make you a hero and at night you stick in the memory card and turn off the console. How about real life? What about fulfilling activities that revitalize your core? What if you did things that helped others in a real spatial-time existence? What if you played a game where, at the end of the day, all the pieces didn't go back in the box? This is about saving money. Doing good. Building community. Enhancing creativity.

What follows is a series of posts based on ideas of fun free activities that exist but are undiscovered, or are yet to be invented.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Opal Lake.

In Pagosa Springs Colorado a group of students from Summit's Semester long program went to Opal lake.

On the way there, we went to a really pretty forest.

We went through an Aspen Grove! The largest living organism on the planet.

Out of the Grove, we met the sky.

Opal Lake! Now, do you spy those big cedar trees? well, they are a good nine stories High. That's what we climbed.

Here's the view from the top. See the tiny People?

Here's Sarah Ruth On her way up.

Mandy, Sarah and I at the Top.

Once We finished, everyone followed suit. Well, not everyone. But a good number of people felt like they needed to go to a nearby tree, and climb a little bit higher.

The tree: I don't even know what type of tree this is. here are the good things about it.

1. there were lots of branches. Easy to climb.
2. It was tall. Amazing view.
3.There were a lot of branches. I know I already said this, but this is another plus. There were so many that you couldn't fall. It was really safe.

The downs
1. It was flaky. I was wet from swimming and i got bark all over me. And, anyone climbing below got it in their eye if they looked up.
2. there were Spiders.
3. There were a lot of branches. I know this was used as a plus twice, but it was also frustrating. There was only one spot with a view, and climbing involved contorting like a pretzel in order to navigate the limbs.

Over all, good tree, good experience. I recommend going to Opal lake if ever you are in Pagosa Springs Colorado. As you arrive get to the lake, look to your right and you will see three trees that are taller than the rest. Pick the one closest to you and you'll have chosen the one we climbed. It was by Sarah Ruth's inspiration that we decided to climb.