Thursday, May 6, 2010

Jump off things.

Our society is a bit safe. The only people I see ever test the lines of safety are people who are stupid. Youtube is filled with people who set themselves on fire and angulate their arms falling off rocks they should have been tethered to. This is not what I mean by our society is safe; we have a recklessness about us that sends quite a ferw people to the ER with their last words being " hey, watch this!"

But we need adventure--we are made for it. Perhaps the reason people die doing stupid things is because our bored and apathetic society is not giving them that adventure. Well, the idea for today is not an adventure. It's more just unique entertainment. In fact, some might think it a bit stupid. I will say this: it is as stupid as you make it. Here's the skinny:

Step 1: go to

Step II. look for matresses (matri?) on there.

Step Three: round up friends (one with a truck), a camera, and go around places taking pictures doing stunts and jumping off exciting things in exciting places.

Be weary of how exciting the place is. Don't be stupid. Don't get arrested...or dead. And don't tell them it was my idea.

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